Black Gator® – Electric Feed-thru System

Black Gator® – Electric Feed-thru System

Our primary products are used to safely convey “Power” (electricity) from a surface power source, through a wellhead penetrator and lower connector to a downhole, electric submersible pump. A typical “feed-thru” system consists of three components: Surface Connector, Wellhead Penetrator, Lower Connector.

In some wells downhole packers are required to separate zones or provide additional safety. Much like the wellhead penetrator, packer penetrators provide a means of conveying power while, at the same time, maintaining a pressure block.

Surface Connector

Factory assembled to various sizes of cable, including explosion-proof rated cable, and supplied in varying lengths. It is connected to the J-box at one end and the wellhead penetrator at the other end. CSA certified surface connectors are supplied for C1D1 explosion-proof installations.

Wellhead Penetrator

Manufactured in various O.D. profiles in order to accommodate various wellhead and tubing hanger designs. Wellhead penetrators not only “convey” power through the wellhead, they also maintain a pressure block between the wellbore and atmosphere. All PFT explosion-proof penetrators are CSA certified for use in C1D1 applications and rated to 5kV, 205A and 5000 psig.

Lower Connectors

The PFT lower connectors combine maximum wellbore endurance with total flexibility. The connectors can be used with various types, sizes and shapes (flat or round) of downhole cable. Depending on cable size the connector can be used at 5kV, 205A.

Packer Penetrators

Incorporate proven PEEK™ technology combined with field attachable flexibility. PFT packer penetrators use floating seal and I-Seal™ technology.

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