Positive Barrier
Proven, high-performance downhole technology for electric feed-thru systems.

“The Black Gator™ system is engineered for bullet-proof reliability. Longer run life and less field intervention lowers operational costs. In addition, our customers benefit from Black Gator standardized, modular designs that are adaptable to produce numerous stand-alone connector components.”

Mike Colescott

Black Gator® ESP Connector System

Innovative design and flexible configuration options deliver superior performance, durability and ease of installation

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A Track Record of Innovation

PFT has consistently solved industry challenges through engineering and innovating.

  • 10,00psi packer Penetrator
  • No-Splice Packer Penetrator
  • Gator Gripp® – Patented Crimpless Contact
  • 205A – Rating Standard
  • Flat™ Armor Adaptors
  • I-Seal™ Sealing System
  • Floating Seal System
  • Component Standardization
  • Color Assembly Instruction Booklets
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